Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Café Pouchkine, Paris Did you know there are other types of Macarons out there? I have discovered "the real" macarons in one gorgeous little town called Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Well, not only did I leave the Maison Adam with some macarons to share, I also had to try their famous Gâteaux Basque à la crème (oh my, already the name sounded tasty!) and some delicious chocolates. All this made me think of my lovely friends in Paris and our last "macaron session" in Café Pouchkine. I'm afraid I do prefer the "parisian ones more," but I'm happy to have tried "The real Macaron Saint-Jean-de-Luz enjoyed by Louis XIV in 1660." xx
Café Pouchkine, ParisCafé Pouchkine, Paris
Café Pouchkine
64 Boulevard Haussmann
75008, Paris

Friday, July 18, 2014

Biarritz #1 Sunset

Biarritz, France Biarritz surprised me, big time! Frankly, I had no clue where I was going (somewhere close to the Spanish border) and what I should expect (Google images don't do this place enough justice). Biarritz was Jeremie's choice, but how could I complain?! I have discovered a paradise. This city has a charm, grand houses, green gardens and little alleys - leading to the most romantic lookouts you can imagine. Blue sky, beautiful beaches, cliffs and a sea - sometimes calm sometimes wild. Extremely popular with surfers and that's why we came here in a first place (well, Jeremie did). After a few days, I can see why Biarritz is so popular with families too and I would love to imagine myself here with Jeremie one day, on a family holiday. I will show you some pictures from the city very soon, but for the moment let me show you the sunset... hope you will like it. xx
Biarritz, FranceBiarritz, FranceBiarritz, FranceBiarritz, FranceBiarritz, FranceBiarritz, FranceBiarritz, FranceBiarritz, FranceBiarritz, FranceBiarritz, France

Monday, July 14, 2014

Postcard from Biarritz

Biarritz, France
EN: We left Paris at 4am in the morning to avoid the heavy weekend traffic. After eight hours of driving (with small coffee breaks), we happily arrived at Biarritz, a seaside town in the south-west of France. I'm immensely happy to have the chance to slowly get to know this wonderful country and its diversity. We'll stay in Biarritz for one week, hoping for good weather, surf a little and relax a lot. Enjoy your holiday everyone, wherever you currently are :) xx

SK: Z Pariza sme vyrazili o stvrtej rano, aby sme sa vyhli tazkej vikendovej premavke. Po osmich hodinach jazdy (s malymi prestavkami na kavu), sme stastne dosli do primorskeho mesta Biarritz na juhozapade Francuzska. Nesmierne sa tesim, ze pomalicky spoznavam tuto nadhernu krajinu a jej rozmanitost. Zostaneme tu jeden tyzden a dufame, ze pocasie nam bude priat, trosku si posurfujeme a vela si oddychneme. Uzivajte si vasu dovolenku, kdekolvek sa momentalne nachadzate :) xx

Un Château

Before we said our "au revoir" and parted for the summer holidays, Jasmine invited me to her gorgeous apartment for a delicious Thai red curry prepared by her. It was the first time I visited not only Jasmine but also the lovely town Saint-Germain-en-Laye, where she lives. 19km from the centre of Paris, it took me little more than 30 minutes to arrive "chez elle." We had such a lovely time together, enjoying each others company, talking, laughing and eating! haha and after we went for a little "promenade" around the city centre and around the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. I can only imagine how beautiful it must be to have a picnic on the grass in front of the castle and I would very much like to visit the National Museum of Archaeology one day (situated inside the castle). This place is full of  history, the King Louis XIV was born here and the castle has been a long-time residence of the Kings of France. We than walked around the stunning garden, designed by André Le Nôtre, who also designed the Château de Versailles and The Château de Chantilly. It was such a lovely day :) 
I'm currently writing to you from Biarritz (southwestern France) and would like to wish you happy holidays :) xx

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Coffee in Paris #6 The Broken Arm

The Broken Arm, Paris
The Broken Arm, Paris EN: The Broken Arm is known to have the best cheesecake in Paris. This coffee shop/concept store has been on the scene for quite some time and whenever I pass by I always stop for their creamy flat white coffee (and the cheesecake of course). There aren't many cafés in Paris with a cute little terrace like the one at the Broken Arm and therefore this place figures high on my list of "lovely cafés to go with friends." Like the other day with my friends Faye and Anna, we were enjoying the warm weather while siping our drinks and feeling the summer in the air - unaware of the rapid weather change that would soon hit Paris (15 degrees on July 10?! OUCH!). 
The Broken Arm
12 rue Perrée
75003, Paris

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Wedding in the South of France

Carla-Bayle, Ariège, France
EN: My first french wedding! I was so happy to celebrate my friend's wedding in the South of France, two weeks ago. The weather was great and we welcomed this change, especially when that morning we boarded the plane in rainy and cold Paris. I would love to share with you more photos from the wedding, but these occasions are mostly very private and this one will have to stay that way, (although I did negotiate a few photos to share here on the blog). However, I can tell you all about the village where the wedding ceremony took place. A picturesque town in the Ariège department called Carla-Bayle. It took us only few moments to completely fall in love with the place. Surrounded by beautiful nature, all shades of color, french doors, windows, tiny alleys, flowers and shining sun - My french dream! Since we arrived very early, we decided to go for lunch not knowing that we were about to have the best view of the snowy Pyrénées while enjoying our meal! Auberge Pierre Bayle restaurant offers french cuisine and the food was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. Everything about Carla-Bayle was magical and  we lived and loved every single moment. As soon as the guests started arriving and we saw the beautiful bride, the time flew like crazy. Wedding Bells, rose petals floating in the air, joy and laughter ... when all of a sudden we found ourselves in a beautiful castle, where we danced, sang and celebrated into the early hours. Looking at these pictures I feel my excitement growing, because very soon I will be back in southern France .. summer here we come! xx
Carla-Bayle, Ariège, FranceCarla-Bayle, Ariège, FranceCarla-Bayle, Ariège, FranceCarla-Bayle, Ariège, FranceCarla-Bayle, Ariège, FranceCarla-Bayle, Ariège, FranceL'Auberge de Pierre Bayle, Restaurant, Carla-BayleL'Auberge de Pierre Bayle, Restaurant, Carla-BayleL'Auberge de Pierre Bayle, Restaurant, Carla-BayleL'Auberge de Pierre Bayle, Restaurant, Carla-BayleL'Auberge de Pierre Bayle, Restaurant, Carla-BayleCarla-Bayle, Ariège, FranceCarla-Bayle, Ariège, FranceCarla-Bayle, Ariège, FranceCarla-Bayle, Ariège, FranceCarla-Bayle, Ariège, FranceCarla-Bayle, Ariège, FranceWedding, Ariège, FranceWedding, Ariège, FranceWedding, Ariège, FranceWedding, Ariège, FranceWedding, Ariège, FranceWedding, Ariège, FranceCarla-Bayle, Ariège, France SK: Moja prva francuzska svadba! Bola som velmi stasta, ze som sa mohla zucastnit tohto velkeho dna a oslavit krasny zivotny okamih mojej kamaratky, na juznom Francuzsku. Pocasie bolo horuce a my sme tuto zmenu srdecne uvitali, obzvlast ked sme rano nastupovali do lietadla v dazdivom a chladnom Parizi. Velmi rada by som sa s vami podelila o viac fotiek zo svadby, ale tieto prilezitosti su zvacsa velmi sukromne, a tato tak na zelanie svadobcanou aj zostane (az na par fotiek, ktore sa mi podarilo "vyjednat"). Viac vam vsak mozem povedat o mieste kde sa odohral svadobny obrad. Malebna dedinka v regione Ariège s nazvom Carla-Bayle mi v sekunde prirastla k srdcu. Obklopena nadhernou prirodou, farby vsetkych odtienov, francuzske dvere, okna, ulicky... kvety a palive slnko - Moj francuzsky sen! Kedze sme prisli velmi skoro, rozhodli sme sa ist na obed netusiac, ze sa nam naskytne ten najkrajsi vyhlad na este zasnezene Pyreneje! Auberge Pierre Bayle restauracia ponuka skvelu francuzsku kuchynu a nase jedlo bolo n-e-s-k-u-t-o-c-n-e chutne! Cele miesto bolo ako vystrihnute z rozpravky a my sme si uzili kazdu sekundu. Od chvile, kedy zacali prichadzat hostia a my sme konecne uvideli nadhernu nevestu, cas letel ako sialeny. Svadobne zvony,  okvetne listky ruzi poletujuce vo vzduchu, radost a smiech... zrazu sme sa ocitli v nadhernom zamku, kde sme tancovali, spievali a oslavovali do skorych rannych hodin. Pri pohlade na tieto fotky som ako v siedmom nebi, lebo uz velmi skoro budem  spat v juznom Francuzsku.. letne prazdniny sa mozu zacat! xx
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