A chocolate world

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You can't go wrong with a chocolate as a gift for any occasion really.. birthdays, Valentines, Easter.. you name it.  
In Paris, it is very easy to buy a chocolate because chocolate shops are nearly on every corner. The harder question is, which one is the best? as there are too many to choose from.

Imagination has no limits and the competition in creating something "more" or "extravagant" is really evident. I couldn't resist to post a few pictures of the chocolate creations I saw while "windows shopping" and many times I had to stop and look a bit closer just to make sure that it's really chocolate. 

I will write more about specific chocolate shops later but this article on The Hip Paris, a blog I enjoy reading, talks about a few shops worth visiting.

And here it is, a chocoholic's dream!... Now, I really want some chocolate.

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