Reading passion

by - 13:20

When I was a child I remember dreaming about being a librarian or working in a book shop just because I had a long list of books I wanted to read and that way I wouldn't have to buy them all and still be able to read them.

Once I was already old enough to buy presents for my parents it was always a book and this somehow stayed in the family until now so we give each other books. It doesn't need to be a birthday present anymore, most of the time it's more like: 
Me: ".. Oh mom I bought this new book from XY, hopefully it's as good as the previous one."
Mom: "Have you read this one yet?.. take it, it's a nice story."
And than there is my sister who joins and so it goes. We have quite a library at home :)

Right now I am reading a book about Paris (of course!), from Stephen Clarke "Paris Revealed." It's not a standard travel guide but a very readable book with useful information about Paris and Parisians, little bit of history and lots of witty lines making me laugh out really loud. The perfect time to read a book with a hot cup of tea as the weather is still the same...grey and cold. 

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