Rue Cler 7th Arrodissement

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I happen to come to this little street quite often as I do my grocerie shopping in one of the little shops which is not as expensive and I do realise I am talking about the 7th arrondissement! I don't think it will be a surprise for me to tell you that Paris is one expensive city and when it comes to food shopping I dream of Sainsbury's buy one get one free offers or maybe just buy one get one half price, please?? No, this is Paris not London, need to get over it... hmmm. Rue Cler is a pedestrian street with nice vibe and atmosphere and a market on the weekend. You can find many specific shops here like Fromagerie (cheese shop), chocolate or wine shops. There is always a long queue in front of Poissonerie to buy some fresh fish and I can't forget to mention lots of flower shops and boulangeries as well as lovely coffee places to sit down and absorb the Parisian atmosphere. Cafe Central on this street has a nice and cosy atmosphere with friendly staff. A much needed hot chocolate break the other week was appreciated as the weather in Paris doesn't feel anything like spring.

Cafe Central 
40 Rue Cler
75007 Paris, France

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