EN: Another post about the Eiffel Tower, but this time slightly different and unusual. Would you like to have dinner with 15,000 people dressed in white, waiting all afternoon to reveal the secret location where the evening will take place... super impatient, because you know it will be THE location?! The obvious answer is, Hell yeah!!.. How is it done? Well, as it happens in life, for the "cool" events you need to know people. To experience Le Dîner en Blancyou must be invited by someone who attended last year's dinner. If you are lucky and he/she will invite you, few more things you will need are: a white table and chairs, picnic basket with only the best food and china dinner service, wine or champagne only, you must be dressed in white and pray for good weather, because the dinner is held in all weather conditions. The location was very easy to find thanks to Social media sites like Instagram or Twitter and I decided to walk to Trocadero and see what the dinner looks like. Wow! I heard the music from afar, and when I got closer I saw thousands of people having great time while eating with friends with a view of the Eiffel Tower, another amazing sight in Paris! This event "in white" reminded me of an experience from Prague, when I went to Sensation white, in 2009. It was a different kind of "event" but be a part of something so big, will leave you with memories for life.... maybe I will blog about it, one day :)

SK: Dalsi prispevok o Eiffelovej vezi, ale tentokrat trosku iny a nezvycajny. Chceli by ste mat veceru s 15.000 ludmi obleceny v bielom, cakat cele popoludnie na odhalenie tajneho mieste kde sa bude vecera konat.. super nedockavy, lebo viete, ze to bude TO miesto? Zrejma odpoved je, Hell yeah! .. Ako sa to da? No, ako to uz v zivote chodi, dostat sa na vsetky "cool" akcie, musite poznat ludi. V pripade  vecere v bielom "Le Diner en Blanc," musite byt pozvany niekym, kto sa zucastnil minulorocnej vecere. Ak mate to stastie a poznate niekoho takeho a on / ona vas pozve, potom uz potrebujete len par ostatnych veci: biely stol a stolicky, piknikovy kos s len najlepsimy jedlami a porcelanove prestieranie, povolene je len vino ​​alebo sampanske, musite byt obleceny v bielom a modlit sa za dobre pocasie, lebo vecera sa kona v kazdom pocasi.  Bolo velmi jednoduche najst miesto konania vdaka socialnym strankam ako Twitter a Instagram a ja som sa rozhodla zajst si ku Trocaderu a pozriet sa na to ako taka vecra vypada. Wow! Hudbu som pocula uz z dialky a ked som prisla blizsie videla som tisicky ludi ako sa zabavaju so svojimi priatelmi pocas vecere s vyhladom na Eiffelovu vezu, dalsi uzasny pohlad v Parizi! Tato udalost "v bielom" mi pripomenula zazitok z Prahy, ked som sa aj ja zucastnila jednej akcie Sensation White v roku 2009. Bol to iny druh "akcie", ale byt sucastou niecoho tak velkeho, vo vas zanecha spomienky na cely zivot .... Mozno raz o tom napisem :)


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  1. Maria Olivares Babin14 June 2013 at 13:26

    wow! i bet that was the place to be! love the photos! astounding! you posted just in time for me to include you in my friday sweet links! http://www.busyasabeeinparis.com/2013/06/summers-coming-my-friday-sweet-links.html Hana, please send me a photo or two for your guest post! Bisous xo

  2. Maria, to see all those people in white was amazing! I will send you the email now and thank you so much for including me in the list, much appreciated!! Have a lovely weekend! :)

  3. Paulina Chwastek-Selega14 June 2013 at 18:05

    Funny:) and you can get lost in this crawd of people too.