Café Pouchkine

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EN: I remember very well how I felt when I first visited Café Pouchkine... I was speechless... and that doesn't happen very often. Are these amazing sweet creations really eatable?? The russian inspired french pastries are located in the Printemps department store and you can enjoy it in their small café with a glass of champagne, if you desire... this place is literally asking for it.

Cafe PouchkineCafe Pouchkine

Printemps Department Store 
64 Boulevard Haussmann 
75008 Paris

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  1. Yes, macarons and other delicious sweets :)

  2. This is my absolute favourite place in the whole of Paris. I only just went there for a friend's birthday and we had a magical time. Embarrassingly enough I've tried nearly every patisserie in the cabinet!

  3. I try to keep it up to max three, sometimes unsuccessful ;)