EN: This summer in Paris couldn't have been more beautiful..  filled with sun, laughter, love and happy moments. I hope you will enjoy seeing Paris through my lens.
SK: Toto leto v  Parizi nemohlo byt krajsie... plne slnka, smiechu, lasky a stastnych momentov. Dufam, ze sa vam budu pacit tieto zabery Pariza cez moj objektiv. 

Probably the hottest day this summer, our ice cream was melting faster than we could finish eating it, while strolling in the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg. 

Asi ten najteplejsi den tohto leta, nasa zmrzlina sa topila rychlejsie ako sa dala zjest pocas prechadzky v nadhernych zahradach Jardin du Luxembourg. 

Summer in ParisSummer in ParisSummer in ParisSummer in Paris

I reveled in long walks along the Seine, especially in the afternoon, when the air was not too hot and the sun setting down created the most beautiful shades of colours on the surrounding buildings, très romantic!

Vyzivala som sa v dlhych prechadzkach pozdlz rieky Seiny, najlepsie v popoludnajsich hodinach, ked vzduch uz nebol taky horuci a zapadajuce slnko vytvaralo tie najkrajsie odtiene na okolitych budovach, très romantic!

Summer in ParisSummer in ParisSummer in ParisSummer in ParisSummer in ParisSummer in ParisSummer in ParisSummer in Paris

I was thrilled to watch the performance of my countryman Peter Sagan on Tour de France and see him to defend the  green jersey for the most active athlete. It was such a beautiful and proud moment!

Bola som nadsena sledovat skvely vykon mojho krajana Petra Sagana na Tour de France a vidiet, ako si obhajil zeleny dres pre najaktivnejsieho sportovca. Bol to velmi krasny a hrdy moment!  
 Summer in ParisSummer in ParisSummer in Paris

Oh and of course I took countless photos of the Eiffel Tower... I wonder how many times can one fall in love with the same sight! I am completely lost in "her"! 

Oh a samozrejme ze som urobila nespocetne vela fotografii Eiffelovej veze ... Zaujimalo by ma, kolkokrat sa moze clovek zamilovat do toho isteho predmetu... ja som z "nej" uplne hotova!

Summer in ParisSummer in ParisSummer in ParisSummer in ParisSummer in Paris

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  1. Style Without Style16 October 2013 at 14:27

    Photos are so beautiful! It must be great attending tour de france :)

  2. Thank you! And yes, it was an amazing experience!! :)

  3. Planing a trip to Paris in the month of July is certainly the best idea because of "Tour de France". I had also been to Paris to witness the 100th held of this beautiful game. We booked our Paris apartment in St. Germain because we don’t want to miss a single second of the last moment action. I am a huge Team Sky supporter which is also one more reason for my love for this tour.

  4. This was my first Tour de France and I have to say, it was quite nerve-wracking to watch, but loved every minute of it! So happy you had the best time Ross, did you come from England to watch the finale? I met so many people during the day, who came from all over the Europe to see the finale :)