Jardin du Luxembourg

EN: I don't come to this part of the city as often as I would like and after I witnessed the relaxed atmosphere that reigns in this beautiful park, I will try to change that. Last week, in the late afternoon, I passed through Jardin du Luxembourg and couldn't help but smile at the sight of people catching the last rays of the sun reading books or newspapers, children playing, lovers sitting at the surrounding benches... as if the time stopped and this whole scene was not happening right in the middle of a busy city, such a refreshing sight :) 

SK: Do tejto casti mesta nechodim tak casto ako by som chcela, a potom, ako som videla uvolnenu atmosferu ktora vladne v tomto nadhernom parku, sa to budem snazit zmenit. Minuly tyzden, v neskorsich popoludnajsich hodinach, som prechadzala cez Luxemburske zahrady a nemohola som sa ubranit usmevu pri pohlade na ludi, ktori sa snazili uchytit si posledne luce slnka citajuc knihu alebo noviny, hrajuce sa deti, zamilovane dvojice posedavajuce na okolitych lavickach ... ako keby sa prave zastavil cas a cela tato scena sa neodohravala priamo uprostred rusneho mesta, bol to celkom osviezujuci pohlad :)
Jardin du LuxembourgJardin du LuxembourgJardin du LuxembourgJardin du LuxembourgJardin du LuxembourgJardin du LuxembourgJardin du Luxembourg

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  1. Definitely one of my favourite places in Paris! The atmosphere is perfect and so is the garden itself.

  2. I agree, must come here more often :)