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Nuit de Chine, Grand Palais EN: Last Monday night, I was totally thrilled to enter, for the first time, the Grand Palais building and admire its stunning massive iron structure and the largest glass roof in Europe! Many exhibitions held at the Grand Palais are not situated in the main hall, where the couture house Chanel hosts many of its fashion shows, therefore I didn't know how exactly it looks inside, until now. It was a night to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between France and China, and a great opportunity to pre-celebrate the Chinese New Year. I must say that I was mostly intrigued by the Grand Palais interiors, but the live concert of Chinese band wasn't bad either :) A small note: 2nd February (Sunday) from 2.30pm will start a colourful cortege from the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Horse. I hope it will be a good year :)
PS: Thank you to Out and About in Paris, my daily information source about what's happening in Paris, for the shoutout about this event. I wish you all a great weekend :)

SK: Minuly pondelok vecer som bola uplne nadsena tym, ze som po prvy krat vstupila do vnutra budovy Grand Palais a konecne mohla obdivovat jeho uzasnu masivnu zeleznu strukturu a najvacsiu sklenenu strechu v Europe! Mnoho vystav, ktora sa konaju v Grand Palais, sa nenachadzaju v hlavnej hale,  kde couture dom Chanel hosti svoje modne prehliadky, a preto som nemala tu sancu vidiet ake je to vovntury, az doteraz. Bola to noc, ktora oslavovala 50. vyrocie diplomatickych vztahov medzi Francuzskom a Cinou, a skvela prilezitost na pred-oslavu Cinskeho Noveho Roku. Musim povedat, ze ja som bola najviac zaujata interierom Grand Palais, ale live concert Cinskej kapely my bol prijemnym sprievodcom :)  Mala poznamka: 2.februara (nedela) od 14:30 sa zacne pestry sprievod z namestia Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, na oslavy cinskeho Roku kona. Dufam, ze to bude dobry rok :) 
PS: Dakujem Out and About in Paris, moj kazdodenny zdroj uzitocnych informacii o diani v Parizi, za info o tomto podujati. Prajem vam vsetkym krasny vikend :) 
Nuit de Chine, Grand PalaisNuit de Chine, Grand PalaisNuit de Chine, Grand PalaisNuit de Chine, Grand PalaisNuit de Chine, Grand PalaisNuit de Chine, Grand PalaisNuit de Chine, Grand PalaisNuit de Chine, Grand Palais

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  1. Your photos of "Nuit de Chine" are gorgeous! Many thanks for the mention.