First signs of Spring

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Jardin du Palais Royal

EN: I love Paris! did I mentioned that? Everywhere is so much beauty, culture and history that sometimes it takes my breath away so unexpectedly despite passing the same building, the same park or café every day.... I can fall in love with all the little details over and over again. Someone asked my last week whether I miss London and if I would like to go back one day and I was quite surprised with my own body reaction to that question... it totally hit all my senses! I can't imagine leaving Paris, I would like to stay here for a very long time (not to say forever) because I feel there is so much more to discover and to achieve at this time of my life and I am really looking forward to it! And frankly, who wouldn't want to live in Paris during spring and admire the beautiful magnolia trees in Jardin du Palais Royal? I don't know of any better place in this world where I would rather be than just where I am... in the City of Lights. 

SK: Milujem Pariz! uz som vam to povedala? Vsade naokolo je tolko krasy, kultury a historie, ze niekedy my to zoberie dych tak necakane napriek tomu ze prechadzam okolo rovnakej budovy, rovnakeho parku alebo kaviarne kazdy den.... dokazem sa zamilovat do vsetkych malych detailov znova a znova. Niekto sa ma minuly tyzden opytal, ci mi nechyba Londyn a ci by som sa tak nechcela vratit a bola som dost sokovana reakciou mojho vlastneho tela na tuto otazku... uplne mi to zasiahlo vsetky zmysly! Vobec si neviem predstavit, ze by som opustila Pariz, chcela by som tu zostat este velmi dlhu dobu (nechcem povedat navzdy), lebo mam pocit, ze je toho tolko vela co by som chcela objavit a dosiahnut v tomto obdobi mojho zivota a velmi sa na to tesim! A uprimne povedane, kto by nechcel prezit aspon jednu jar v Parizi a kochat sa pohladom na nadhere magnolie v zahradach Palais Royal? Nepoznam ziadne lepsie miesto na tomto svete kde by som bola radsej ako prave tam kde som.. v meste svetiel. 
Jardin du Palais RoyalJardin du Palais RoyalJardin du Palais RoyalJardin du Palais RoyalJardin du Palais RoyalJardin du Palais RoyalJardin du Palais RoyalJardin du Palais RoyalJardin du Palais RoyalJardin du Palais RoyalJardin du Palais Royal

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  1. Beautiful Pictures Hana. You have captured Paris in all it's Spring Glory for us.!

  2. It looks so gorgeous with all the flowers! I'm in NYC and it's still sitting on 0 degrees, I can't wait till Spring finally decides to happen!

    x greta

    1. I saw some pictures on Instagram Greta, what a long winter you guys have!
      I hope the spring will arrive soon to NY :)