Jardin des Tuileries

Along the SeineEN: This year's weather is so unusually warm, but of course I'm not complaining! Mornings and evenings are still chilly but the days are ideal for walks in parks, gardens and along the Seine. I hope the weather will remain like this as long as possible, today we are expecting a pleasant 18 degrees which is pretty decent for middle of April. School holidays are in full swing and I'm working all week (crazy 12 hours a day), but the only thing I can think about is our holiday, can't wait till Sunday :) 

SK: Tohto rocne pocasie je nezvycajne teple, ale samozrejme ze sa nestazujem, prave naopak! Rana a vecere su este chladne ale dni su ako stvorene na prechadzky v parkoch, zahradach a pozdlz rieky Seiny. Dufam, ze taketo krasne pocasie vydrzi co najdhsie, dnes cakame prijemnych 18 stupnov co  je dost slusne na polovicku Aprila. Skolske prazdniny su v plnom prude a ja pracujem cely tyzdee (sialenych 12 hodin denne), ale jedina vec na ktoru dokazem mysliet je nasa dovolenka, uz sa neviem dockat nedele :)
Along the SeineAlong the Seine
Jardin des TuileriesJardin des TuileriesJardin des TuileriesJardin des TuileriesJardin des TuileriesJardin des TuileriesJardin des Tuileries

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  1. Such beautiful photos... I especially love the one of the man sketching the river, the epitome of snapping a moment in time! x

    1. Thank you so much! The old man was like cut out from a movie, sitting there silently, sketching away.. so Paris! :)