Le Loir dans la Théière

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Le Loir dans la Théière EN: Last friday at 2.30pm, I ordered the biggest cake in my life, ever! I mean, look at this 10cm tall Tarte au citron from Le Loir dans la Théire!! Jasmine and I shared this delicious lemon meringue and we both loved how rich and amazingly tasty is was (I loved the grains of sugar melting in my mouth). Come here early in the morning or after the lunch hour, so you can fully enjoy this cosy place with  a  relaxed atmosphere and dangerously tasty cakes. xx

SK: Minuly piatok o 14:30 som si objednala ten najvacsi zakusok v mojom zivote! Naozaj, pozrite sa na tento 10 centimetrov vysoky Tarte au citron z Le Loir dans la Théire!! Podelila som sa on s Jasmine a obidve sme boli uplne unesene jeho lahodnou citronovou chutou. Urcite sa sem vyberte skoro rano alebo po obednom zhone, aby ste si mohli plne vychutnat toto utulne miesto s uvolnenou atmosferou a ich nebezpecne chutnymi kolacmi. xx
Le Loir dans la ThéièreLe Loir dans la Théière Address 
Le Loir dans la Théière
3, rue des Rosiers
75004, Paris

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  1. I know Hana aren't they just enormous?! I am going to make it my mission to finish the entire thing before I leave Paris ;) looks like a lovely little cake date


  2. Hana, I absolutely love this place. The cakes are so good, you could write home about them. Let's leave it a respectable amount of time, and go back for their tea-time formule :) Absolutely yummy photos of yummy treats xx