Monday Inspiration: Naughty Paris

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Naughty Paris by Heather Stimmler-Hall I have lived in Paris for just over a year now, but during this short amount of time, I have met so many talented people. Photographers, writers, musicians, you name it! The inspiration I get from them is priceless and they make a great impact on my life (in a good way!). Last Sunday, I was very excited to celebrate the launch of the second edition of Naughty Paris: A Lady's Guide to the Sexy City, written by Heather Stimmler-Hall (behind the blog Secrets of Paris), whom I met at one of the Sinfonietta's concerts. If you'd like to discover the sexiest side of Paris, this award-winning travel guide is for you. Three Hundred and Fifty Two pages! filled with beautiful pictures and tips about all the things you need to know when coming to Paris.... I can't wait to get inspired! xx
Naughty Paris by Heather Stimmler-HallNaughty Paris by Heather Stimmler-HallShoes from Ted Baker  Bra from Etam

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  1. Sounded like such a fun party; wish I could have made it! This is a great idea for a book!! I hope they reach their kickstarter goal! You captured Heather's beauty inside and out!!

    1. Thank you Lauren! It was a great evening, such a shame you couldn't make it! xx