Little (sweet) update

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Carette, ParisCarette, ParisCarette, ParisCarette, ParisCarette, ParisCarette, ParisFrankly, I didn't expect to have so much free time this summer. The school year will not start until September and that leaves me 10 or so days to enjoy. This summer was wonderful, two weeks with the man and two weeks with my family, like a dream! I've been packing and unpacking and repacking, and I'm not finished yet. The cherry on top will be my trip to London (although I'm always quite nervous to go back). London is special... 10 years of my life is hard to forget and as soon as I touch English soil, I feel such wave of emotions and love for the city. Can't wait to see my friends. I hope you're all enjoying your summer too! xx

Photos from Carette, place des Vosges, during one summer day with my friend Natalia.

25 place des Vosges
75003, Paris

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