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You know those days when you're busy running from one place to another, meetings, errands and you completely forget to eat. That's bad I know! but it happens from time to time. Well during the Fashion Week in Paris, nearly everyday looked like that and now I really know what it means when people say they forgot to eat. Only when I switched off the camera and transferred all the images on my hard drive, did my stomach growl, I was starving! And when it comes to that kind of hunger, there is only one place in Paris that will do, HIGUMA on rue St Anne. xx

Higuma Restaurant, ParisHiguma Restaurant, Paris

32 bis Rue Sainte-Anne
75001, Paris

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  1. HIGUMA MON AMOUR!!! hehe it was our first meal together! And I love the new layout, it really highlights your photography!

    1. Yes!!! We need to go back!!! And you also introduced me to AKI ;)

      So happy you like the layout Jasmine! Still need a few changes here and there but will be finished very soon xxx