The Grand Palais is definitely one of my favourite locations during the Paris Fashion Week. People come from different directions, it's much easier to get a clear full length shots (although I must be far to get the whole body shot with my 85mm lens, if you know what I mean). Some people stop and pose for a second or two, some rush to get inside the building trying to avoid all the photographers and some love to pose, jump or do anything possible. You can really tell who loves the camera and who doesn't. During one show I take 500 photos and more and it takes me quite some to time to go through them all, choose the best ones and to edit them on photoshop (I can't imagine my life without the curves tool!). My Paris Fashion Week series are almost over (I have three more posts prepared for you) and I really hope you've been enjoying them as much as I do. Have a great Wednesday everyone. xx

Link to all pfw posts here

IMG_3359 copyduo hel copyIMG_3165 copyIMG_3334 copyduo ruzIMG_3305 copyduo or copyIMG_3287 copyIMG_3206 copyduo chi copyIMG_3218 copyduo chia copyIMG_3277 copyIMG_3083 copyIMG_3103 copyIMG_3096 copyIMG_3086 copyIMG_3167 copyIMG_3122 copyIMG_3111 copyIMG_3118 copyIMG_3026 copyIMG_3080 copyIMG_3046 copyIMG_3042 copyduo mod copyIMG_3014 copyIMG_3047 copyIMG_2995 copyduo lo copyIMG_2986 copyIMG_2972 copyIMG_2970 copyduo zl copyIMG_2965 copyIMG_2947 copyduo du copyIMG_2925 copyduo re copyIMG_2919 copyduo blo copyIMG_2912 copy

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