Even if you didn't know which show was about to start, you just had to look around and you could tel immediately. Those colours and handbags and accessories, everything was screaming Chanel. It felt quite surreal to be literally surrounded by gorgeous Chanel jackets, crazy shopping baskets from last year's show, shoes and sunglasses... gosh I love this brand! 

Can you imagine what it looks like before a Chanel show? Madness, crowds and glamorous people!   You'll be able to tell from my photos that it wasn't always easy to get a clear shot. However, I actually  prefer photos where I can feel the atmosphere and see a little bit of someones head or a shoulder in the corner of the photo, rather than a crisp and clear shot. Just a personal taste :)  

I hope you'll enjoy these photos as much as I do and I'll be back here tomorrow with the last set of photos from the Valentino SS15 Paris Fashion Week. Enjoy xx


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  1. Amazing photos Hana. You really captured that morning so well. Aisling x