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I'm a huge fan of Christmas and my tree goes up every year on the first of December (looking at the lights right now as I'm writing this post). In the spirit of Christmas, I've decided to host my first ever giveaway. I was thinking about what would be the best prize and what better could a photographer offer, than a photo shoot? (For you and your plus one)
My giveaway is open to those in Paris or to those planning a journey to Paris in the next 12 months. The rules are simple and require an Instagram account. 

All you have to do is:

1. Take a picture of something that means Christmas to you (whether it's baking cookies, decorating your house... the possibilities are endless).

2. Use the hash-tag #mychristmasjourney so I can find your picture. 

3. Leave me a comment and tell me where you'll be spending your Christmas this year.

You have one week (till the 14th December) to enter. Only pictures taken during this week will be considered. Don't hesitate to enter and I'd like to wish you good luck! I'm already super excited to see your beautiful Christmas photos :) xx

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  1. I'm so happy that I just re-opened my Instagram account. It means that I can enter your giveaway. Thanks and best wishes to all the entrants!

    1. Wonderful news Mary Kay! See you on Instagram :)