Sadaharu Aoki

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One of the best known pastries from Sadaharu Aoki is the tarte caramel salé, but I'm not such a huge fan of caramel. The one that makes my mouth water is the absolutely-delicious Zen. The combination of white chocolate, sesame cream with cognac and sesame shortcrust pastry is unforgettable. His macarons are also very special. You can't find flavours like yuzu, genmaicha or earl grey in every  macaron shop. If you're open to try something new, Sadaharu Aoki should be very high on your list of sweets to try in Paris. xx

Sadaharu Aoki, ParisSadaharu Aoki, ParisSadaharu Aoki, ParisSadaharu Aoki, Paris

Sadaharu Aoki
25 rue Pérignon
75015, Paris

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  1. awww, this was such a wonderful afternoon! Favorite pastry, hands down! Hana, I feel like I could grab those sweets and eat them!
    Lauren xx

    1. Lauren, we need to repeat this afternoon! :) xx