This is my last mix of photos from my time in Cannes. I was lucky to steal two hours from the busy schedule just for myself, and over excited run straight to the beach. With my bikini in the bag (you never know!) I totally managed to burn my legs... who would think of a sun cream right? (I'll make sure to pack one for the next time!). Four days wasn't enough but I had an amazing time with Lana and made most of every minute. To be able to photograph the former miss world Aishwaraya Rai was a huge moment for me and I had hard time keeping my fingers still when only few minutes later I was face to face with the mesmerising Andie MacDowell.... I will never forget this day! I really hope I will have the opportunity to experience Cannes film festival again next year. Enjoy the photos and make sure to check Lana's blog for many more photos. xx

Lana El SahelyCannes 2015Lana El Sahely & Aishwarya RaiLana El Sahely & Andie MacDowellAndie MacDowellCannes 2015Cannes 2015Cannes 2015Cannes 2015Lana El Sahelywww.journeyintolavillelumiere.comCannes 2015Lana El SahelyCannes 2015Lana El SahelyLana El Sahely Lana El SahelyCannes 2015Lana El SahelyCannes 2015Cannes 2015

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