Au Marché

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I love a good market in autumn! The sun is shining but you need an extra layer of clothes to keep you warm, cup of coffee in your hand while you walking around the market that's buzzing with life. I find these moments quite romantic despite being surrounded by vegetables and charcuterie (is something wrong with me?!). It's the atmosphere and colours of an autumn market that makes me wanna wake up early on a Sunday morning (and yes, maybe a promise of that hot cup of coffee in combination with my girlfriends). Yesterday was one of those days! 
But this market was a bit more special. Marché avec les chefs, where some of the best chefs from Relais & Chateaux prepared few of their delicacies to the public. I mean, look at those gorgeous vegetables!! It was a pretty cool experience to see some Michelin star chefs doing their magic in the middle of the 9th arrondissement in Paris! Wishing you all a wonderful and sunny week! xx

Au Marché Au Marché Au Marché Au Marché Au Marché Au Marché

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  1. Ahh such gorgeous photos!!!! The colours are amazing!!! Am going to check this market out next week when I'm in Paris :) x

    1. Thank you Victoria!
      I'm afraid this market was there only that weekend but there're plenty of other markets around Paris :)