New Burberry Coat

by - 15:23

I'd love to share with you some of my favourite places in Paris. I'm not only talking about restaurants or things to see but also where to shop. I started a little tag #bonneadresse where you can easily find all of my suggestions. 

Everyone is always interested to know where I shop in Paris and one of the (not so much) known shopping areas is La Vallée Village. It's quite far from Paris so it requires a day trip (45 minutes by train), but it's definitely wort going! I'm talking outlet shopping! Some of the best brands with crazy discounts, do I need to say more? I was looking for an autumn-wind coat for quite a while and finally found one in La Valle Village, as well as L.K.Bennet shoes, Ted Baker dress... (that wasn't planned!!!) ups... anyway. If you're wondering where I'll be doing all of my christmas shopping, I think you know the answer. See you there in December! xx

  Burberry coat Burberry coat Address
La Vallée Village
3 Cours de la Garonne
77700 Serris

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