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I'm sure you all know about Café Pouchkine by now. They are famous for their delicious pastries and an interesting twist between Russian ingredients on classic French pastries. Did I mention their macarons?! However, you might not be aware of their recently opened restaurant and Salon de thé in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. I was over the moon happy about this discovery as this is the only place I know of in Paris, where I can get an Eastern European fix whenever needed! On the menu are typical Russian dishes like Borscht (purposely adjusted for western consumers as the red beetroot soup has a very strong taste). It's excellent! I could have it every day. Russian salmon tartar or Meat Pelmenis with its broth and Smetana (you have to try this!). Delicious pirojskis and my favourite beef Stragonoff! I love eating food from different countries and would recommend Café Pouchkine for everyone who is open to new taste experience. And if you go, please let me know. I'd love to know your thoughts . xx

Café Pouchkine, Paris Café Pouchkine, Paris Café Pouchkine, Paris Café Pouchkine, Paris

Café Pouchkine
155 Boulevard Saint-Germain
75006, Paris

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  1. Looks soooo good!
    enjoy your weekend Hana!

    Vicky | The Golden Bun

    1. Thank you Vicky! You should try it on your next visit to Paris :)

  2. Looks delicious! Good address for my next travel to Paris!

  3. That borscht! I have to try it! I'm definitely adding this to my list of places to eat .... soon!