Les Petites

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The fall-winter Paris fashion week is over and it was one of the best ones I've experienced so far. I'm not sure what exactly made me feel this way but I truly loved every minute of it! I was working with Lana again (as you might have seen on Instagram) and we've had a fabulous time together! I guess it's also the fact that we know each other so much better after one year of working together and can be very honest with each other, something so extremely important when it comes to model-photographer relationship. We also managed to party a little bit this season and even though we couldn't stay as long as we would've loved to, one glass of champagne after a long day of photographing can't hurt, right? (That's only for me as Lana doesn't drink alcohol). And I had the chance to wear this cute little black dress from Les Petites with my favourite bag and red lipstick too! I kind of miss the buzz already, but not long from now, I'll be on a plane to work with Lana again. xx 

  Les Petites

I was wearing:  Les Petites dress,  Maison Vignes handbag, YSL lipstick 

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