Postcard from Dubai

by - 07:17

Dubai, April 2016 Dubai, April 2016 Dubai, April 2016 Dubai, April 2016 Dubai, April 2016

I'm sending you a boiling hot postcard from Dubai where I'm having a little University reunion with my three girlfriends. The plan is quite simple.... eat, sunbath, party and try to catch up on everything that happened since our graduation. Today will be another hot day and I have my essentials packed, ready to hit the beach... and btw the Chloé shoes I got from Monnier Frères website are the most comfortable and chic sandals I've ever owned! So happy I got them for this unforgettable trip! I hope you're all having a lovely weekend preferably somewhere hot and sunny. xx 

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  1. Oh, this post almost made me feel the sun and the sea. So beautiful photos! I love your beach essentials!


  2. Hana, great to see you back in Sunny DUBAI ! The place does not seem to age, always Young !

    1. As you say, always young always growing! It was great to be back after two years :)