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In the little series "You might not know about me" I have a forth one to share with you.

Before I moved to Paris and started pursuing my dream to become a photographer, I worked in a PR agency in London specialised in motorsport. I have a degree in Public Relations from the University of Westminter in London and the fact that I worked with cars wasn't just a coincidence. Well maybe it was, but I like to excuse this rather strange career choice to the fact that I was always a huge fun of strong cars. I passed my driving license at the age of 18 (basically the day I was allegeable to take the exam) and with a still smoking hot license I drove a Skoda 120 to my work (while I was studying in Slovakia I was working for Nestle as an event organiser). Skoda 120! The loudest old car you can imagine with only four gears...hahaha what memories! My father loved to tell this story afterwards and was kind of proud of his daughter who managed to drive such a wreck.. although he was scared s*!*!* when I started the engine.

I bough my first car at the age of 25 in London and always found the freedom a vehicle can give completely priceless. Even now, some of our best holidays with my husband were road trips around France.

When Fiat France invited me to test the brand new Fiat 124 Spider I immediately felt the thrill in my body again! I haven't been driving lately as the traffic in Paris is crazy, and two days in Biarritz behind the wheels was such an amazing experience. I fell completely in love with the car! Cabriolet, wind in my hair, loud music ... freedom! I didn't know how much better I will feel after this trip and honestly I'm so happy I said yes. 

I'd love to thank to Fiat France for the opportunity to drive again! 

Now I only need to convince my husband to sell our old Honda so we can get the 124 Spider! (Is it just me or are all man totally attached to their cars, even if they're old as .... ). Wish me luck on that one! xx

Location: Biarritz
Restaurant: Blue Cargo
We stayed at: Villa Seren Hossegor 
Photo of me: Delphine Neto 

Fiat 124 Spider Fiat 124 Spider Fiat 124 Spider Fiat 124 Spider Fiat 124 Spider Fiat 124 Spider Fiat 124 Spider Fiat 124 Spider Fiat 124 Spider

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