Carin Olsson

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The last couple of years I've experienced so many pinch me moments that when I think about them today, I have a hard time believing that some of them actually really happened. I've lived some of the most incredible moments in my personal life as well as in my professional universe. This blog of mine is a constant reminder of what I've experienced and how much I've learned since I started it. I think I'll write about it sometime this year but for now I'd love to talk to you about this editorial I photographed couple of months ago.

It was probably the most emotional pinch me moment in my career for a simple reason. I got to photograph my friend and one of the most talented photographers I know, Carin Olsson. We've been friends for over three years, shared some of the most intimate moments (Carin was one of my bridesmaids), laughed uncontrollably and cried (the wedding period was particularly heavy on tissues that she btw always has in her handbag). 

Creating these images was such a joy for me and I hope you'll like them as much as I do. Little did I know that we'll have the opportunity to work together again, but this time in 40 degrees heat (if you follow me on Instagram you already know what I mean). I can't wait to tell you more. xx

Carin Olsson 1, 2
Jewelry: Cartier 

Carin Olsson by Hana Lê Van Carin Olsson by Hana Lê Van Carin Olsson by Hana Lê Van Carin Olsson by Hana Lê Van

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  1. Beautiful photos! I love your and her blog, so inspiring!

  2. Great post, amazing photos. I love both of your blogs and i follow you on social media. You are doing a great job both of you!

    1. Thank you Helene! So happy you like the photos :)