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With each fashion week I discover new things, see more details and understand the rhythm of things better, although there's so much more to learn. While working for Chriselle, I also had the chance to photograph the runaway for her online website which was for me a big school of how stuff is done, at least from the photography pit point of view. 

Photographing inside is such a different kind of photography than photographing outside. You need to understand the light, the temperature, set your camera according to it and get your angle straight (each show has a completely different set up and light atmosphere). I usually arrived on the spot minutes before the show and was struggling to find a place where I could see the best and be able to get the whole picture, as all the best places were obviously already taken. I could write for hours about this rather fascinating group of people who photograph for the best publications in the world, how they're submitting photos as soon as the first model walks down the runaway, about all the shouting and even insulting going on before the show and surprisingly even during the show.... when the model stays too long on her place or too short, if she walks too fast or too slow, if she turns too quickly or doesn't walk close enough to them ... so much shouting! 

I've never noticed the buzz in the photography pit during shows when I was invited as a guest. Probably because I wasn't paying attention so I haven't heard them shouting to uncross your legs or lower down your iPhone when the show was about to start (people on the front row are not allowed to have their legs crossed). 


Once in their shoes, everything made a complete sense (as you can see immediately on the pictures who's sitting with crossed legs). I guess we don't understand some things until we try them on our own skin. I now see the desperation of all the photographers who's job is to get a clean photo of every single model for Vogue, Bazzar etc. when the models are maybe not walking as fast/slow as they should and even I sometimes told my self ... Oh, noooo .... she turned way too quickly to get a good detail shot. Everything is happening fast, soo fast! You either get the shot or you don't.

It's a madness let me tell you but somehow that's the way the system works and everyone adapts to it, very quickly. It's stressful and intense but I'm grateful for yet another amazing opportunity that taught me to understand a bit more about the world of a Fashion Week. xx

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Haute Couture FW/17 Show Armani

Armani Runaway, Haute Couture F/W 17 Armani Runaway, Haute Couture F/W 17 Armani Runaway, Haute Couture F/W 17 Armani Runaway, Haute Couture F/W 17 Armani Runaway, Haute Couture F/W 17

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