Christmas 2016

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Two days till Christmas and I'm as ready as ever to go back to my beloved Slovakia and spent the holidays with my loved ones. I haven't been home for Christmas in three years and I'm - so - excited! The song Driving home for Christmas is playing over and over in my head as that's exactly what we're going to do, drive with a car full of presents for the people who matter the most, our family. 

I've done all my Christmas shopping already but if you're still struggling to come up with a few ideas I might hopefully help a little.

First things first! Don't just buy something you would like or prefer, try to think about the person and ask yourself what she or he would like. You might not like the colour pink, but if it's her favourite colour you know you should put that green scarf back on the shelf! I'm sure you can remember a conversation when you heard them saying: "Ah, that's something I really need or would love to get." The thought is all that matters, you might get it completely wrong but that's not important! "Every gift, though it be small, is in reality great if given with affection." 

From my own experience I can tell you one thing, you can never go wrong with an electronic gift when it comes to men. They seem to always want to own the latests gadgets launched on the market and we don't really need to think twice as to where this obsession might be coming from. Childhood of course. There's so much on the market right now and it's up to you to think about what your man/brother/grandpa would really like. Even a good old radio is an excellent idea if he loves to listen to news in the morning (just like my husband does and yes, he got one last Christmas haha).

We're both absolutely obsessed with the Parrot brand who does these fabulous wireless bluetooth headphones that completely block the noise around you (perfect for someone scared of flying!). They come in different colours and material and once you try them on you won't be able to go back to the classical cable headphones. They also specialise in drones! hmmm talking about the need of having the latest must haves. 

Of course you shouldn't forget about the typical socks, shirts and woollen jumpers presents or silly little objects like these two adorable cups I got for my hubby. I'm in love with the Mr. Wonderful shop website and quite frankly I'm not sure if I got them for him or rather for myself ... ups! who am I to tell you what to get when I make the same mistake?! ... but maybe he'll love them as much as I do (insert guilty smiley) :)

Not all, but many men love watches which might be a tricky one as you probably should know exactly what kind of watch he's dreaming about (it's quite an investment and also you want him to wear it proudly). The easier option could be watch accessories and I know just where you should go if you'd love to give him a new strap or a beautiful box for his automatic watch! Mister Chrono is a place I go to quite often as my hubby is a watch maniac (therefore I'm giving you a few tips) and he has more straps for his watches than socks in the cupboard. 

To conclude, all you need to do is to Google latest gadgets and accessories and I'm sure you'll find your last minute gift corresponding perfectly to him.

Christmas 2016

I believe women love those kind of gifts where they can feel the thought behind. Giving something so classical as perfume can get you extra points if you'll engrave her name on it, her initials or a love message. Companies are now engraving everything possible on handbags, perfume bottles or iPhone cases and maybe that little detail will make it all the more special. However, I'm sure she'll love you just as much for a simple pair of Louboutin heels without her initials on them ! haha 

I know that getting presents for women is hard, I have the same problem with my girlfriends. For perfumes you need to know what she likes, cosmetic products are fabulous as long as she hasn't got any allergies or skin problems, designer bag might be out of your budget, jewellery is always nice just make sure you know if she prefers gold or silver.. diamonds however should be always ok! :)

Books will always be under our Christmas tree and so will cute pyjamas and warm slippers because they belong to Christmas.

Christmas 2016 Christmas 2016 Christmas 2016 Christmas 2016 Christmas 2016 Christmas 2016 Christmas 2016

Gift vouchers are a huge thing in the UK and I have so many friends who prefer vouchers just because they can get what they really want not only for Christmas but also for Birthdays or even Weddings. I don't find this type of a present very romantic but I think it is a fabulous last minute option! In France, I found Wonderbox which is kind of a voucher but it's also an experience! The choice is really large, from holidays to dinner experiences, massages and adventures... whatever you like actually! You can buy them online and they have also a whole section in Fnac for example. 

Christmas Christmas 2016 Christmas 2016

I hope you enjoyed this little photography Christmas guide I had such pleasure creating. Every picture includes some of my favourite things to give and get and I hope it might help you to get inspired. Just remember, the thought is all that matters. 

I take this as an opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, decorated with cheer and filled with love! May this year bring you joy, laughter and happiness. xx 

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  1. Lovely post! Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year! X

  2. Hana great post and yes, full of gifting ideas !! Happy New Year !

  3. LV perfumes are great! :) great list of items! Happy New Year!