Abu Dhabi was on my list of places to visit for as long as I can remember. Well, more precisely the famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Only an hour drive from Dubai, I rented a car with my friend Paula and drove to Abu Dhabi to finally see this stunning wonder! Already the first sight took my breath away and as we were making our way through the mosque, we literally stopped at every corner and admired the astonishing master piece. Apparently the best possible way to experience this place is during the evening when the palace is lit by millions of lights but we visited during the day and loved the experience. Maybe next time I'll try to go in the evening to see the difference. It was an amazing experience! 

Abu Dhabi 2016 Abu Dhabi 2016 Abu Dhabi 2016 Abu Dhabi 2016 Abu Dhabi 2016 Abu Dhabi 2016 Abu Dhabi 2016

We stayed for a night at the St Regis hotel I booked last minute through my favourite travel website grandluxuryhotels.com and had an unforgettable stay. And when I say unforgettable I really mean it. Our room was on the 36th floor and the view was absolutely mind-blowing and quite scary at the same time. This was the first time I got to spend the night in a skyscraper hotel and I had to breath deeply for a few minutes to kind of get used to the view and not to think of how high we are. We had a fantastic dinner at the hotel's Italian restaurant and enjoyed the swimming pool in the evening with jacuzzi, pure heaven! The following day we literally run to the outside pool area and stayed there until we had to check out and head back to Dubai. I highly recommend everyone who plan to visit Dubai to consider a really short drive to Abu Dhabi even if for a day trip, it's so worth it. And if you have a few more hours to spare, make sure to visit the Emirates Palace. The name is already indicating what you should expect, a true fairy tale palace! And make sure to try the golden cappuccino with real 24 karat gold flakes, I mean where else if not in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. xx

Abu Dhabi 2016 Abu Dhabi 2016 Abu Dhabi 2016 Abu Dhabi 2016

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