Dubai reunion

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I can't believe that it took me nearly a year to share these photos with you. Dubai last year was one of the few personal trips (among many work trips) I've done, and it was a very special one. University reunion with my three girlfriends was something I was looking forward to for a very long time. I flew in from Paris, Veronica from London, Haifa from Riyadh and Paula picked us all up from the airport as Dubai is her hometown. We've had the best time ever together, spent the days on the beach, nights in the bars, ate our way through the city at some of my favourite restaurants and created lifetime memories. 

I'd love to share with you some of my favourite places to go to if you're planing a trip this year. I'm already trying to schedule mine so don't hesitate to share your favourite places with me in the comment section. I will definitely check them out!

Dubai 2016

As you can probably imagine, there are plenty of hotels in Dubai but I personally love the Four Seasons resort Jumeirah Beach. The service is fantastic and the hotel is situated directly on the beach. You must try the Sea Fu restaurant, seriously loved every dish and the sea bass was the best I've had... hmm I'm starving right now! We also ordered a few cocktails while there, the atmosphere was fantastic. If you're not staying at the hotel you can still access the Mercury Lounge which is a fabulous rooftop, perfect for light dinner and cocktails with breathtaking views over Dubai (go at sunset if you can).

Dubai 2016 Dubai 2016 Dubai 2016 Dubai 2016 Dubai 2016 Dubai 2016 Dubai 2016

Me and the girls loved lazying at the Zero Gravity Beach Club. You'll have to pay to get a sun bed, towels etc. We loved the vibe, good lounge music and plenty of restaurants around. If you don't want to pay for the beach access, I loved the free Beach at JBR. Lie down in the warm sand and enjoy the sun, buzzing atmosphere or if you like, you can go for a walk (you can use all the machines to exercise all over the WALK if you feel like it). I loved the Lebanese restaurant Awani Levant Cuisine nearby (I became completely obsessed with Lebanese food in Dubai). Another favourite place for dinner in this area was The Maine Oyster bar & Grill. The deco is super modern and the food was fantastic, I'm definitely going back on my next trip. There are plenty of water sports to do, you won't get bored in Dubai! 

Dubai 2016 Dubai 2016 Dubai 2016 Dubai 2016 Dubai 2016

Madinat Jumeirah is my absolute favourite area in Dubai. I love coming here early in the morning before it gets too busy (and hot) for a cup of coffee and the view of Burj Al Arab. Make sure you'll visit this place also in the evening for cocktails and diner. This place is like from a movie, amazing shops (I must get one of those lamps this year!), more than 40! restaurants and bars. My favourite is the Persian restaurant called Anar and Bahri Bar for cocktails.

Dubai 2016 Dubai 2016 Dubai 2016

Some of my other favourite places to eat are La Cantine du Faubourg with its great open terrace, you'll find the best sushi at ZUMA, go for a drink with a view at 40 Kong and if you like to party, I recommend the WHITE Dubai. Please remember that you have to book a table everywhere and always at least two days in advance!

There're soooo  many other places I haven't tried and honestly don't hesitate to share yours with me for my next trip. You can also look at my older blog post here for more "traditional" spots in Dubai I've visited in the past. I hope this post inspired and help some of you :) That's all from me now but I'll be back soon with another small trip I've done while in the United Arab Emirates. Have a great week everyone! xx

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