Galeries Lafayette Paris

The most beautiful department store in Paris is definitely Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann and it was the absolutely first store I ever visited on my trip to Paris many years ago. I love the idea of having all of my favourite brands under one rooftop and that's the reason why I come here so often. You must have seen many photos of the stunning cupola on my Instagram I posted over the years, the details are crazy beautiful! 

I was pretty spoiled the other day while having a major Me moment with Lancôme inside the store. I'm lucky enough to be pretty much on top of all the best beauty tips and products to use thanks to my job (I have always so many questions while watching my clients getting ready before a photo shoot), but it happens very rarely that I get to be that person to enjoy professional makeup.

Thanks to Galeries Lafayette and Lancôme I've learned a few new tips I'll be happy to share during the next fashion week (only few days to go!!).

My tip for you: Don't be afraid to ask for an advice next time you'll be buying your favourite cosmetic products or even try something new. I always do that, the people who work at Galeries Lafayette are happy to help and I love to try new products to feel the texture etc. Also ask for samples, always! That's my favourite way to see if I really want to spend my money on it.

With flawless makeup, I went for a yummy lunch at Angelina and had a sneak peak inside a few of my favourite brands as the sales are dangerously still on! Managed to leave the store with only one dress (at 60% discount!) for an upcoming, pretty exciting, event I can't wait to tell you about! Until then, have a wonderful weekend everyone! xx

Galeries Lafayette ParisGaleries Lafayette Paris Galeries Lafayette Paris Galeries Lafayette Paris

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  1. So happy you like it Abby! :)

  2. Me time is so crucial....I recently took a train to Montreal just to go to Holt...These pictures are beautiful!