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Photographing for one of the most beautiful palaces in Paris, Hôtel de Crillon, is a dream job, and from the day I stepped into the Marie-Antoinette's suite for the first time to photograph a project for the hotel, I knew this would be the place where I'd love to have my baby shower. I could only dream of having such an amazing setting in my life, but dreams really do come true! I'd love to thank the incredible Hôtel de Crillon's team for making my day so special, the moments I've spent with my friends celebrating the arrival of my baby girl will be cherished forever! 

My baby shower was a dream come true experience (I'm repeating myself but can you blame me?!), a day filled with love, laughter, friends, Taittinger champagne and one huuuuge Millefeuille Infiniment Vanille cake prepared by the one and only Pierre Hermé, with the most incredible balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower .... you hear it coming .... a dream!

I'd love to share some photos from this special day and to give you five simple tips to help you organise a baby shower either for yourself or your best friend, sister, colleague, someone you love. 

What is a baby shower? 

Simply, it's a way to celebrate the expected (or in some countries delivered) birth of a child by presenting gifts to the mother (showering her with gifts), and at the same time to celebrate the transformation of a woman into a mother. These are my five tips for a successful day, celebrating one of the most incredible journey's you'll ever experience ... becoming a mom. 


Someone to organise the shower for you, your sister, best friend or even your mother. It should be a person who knows you the best and is able to contact all of your friends to be there on your special day. In some countries the shower is a surprise and the mom-to-be doesn't know what's about to happen (which might be a bit harder to get people together or to know who she'd love to invite. That's the reason why it should be a close friend as she will be able to find out this information the easiest). In my case, I asked two of my best friends to help me organise my day so it wasn't a surprise entirely but they prepared many little surprises on the way and I had the best day ever.


If you're not having the shower at your home, the time you'll have at the rented property will be most certainly very precious. A good time organisation is my advice when it comes to any event really and baby shower is no exception. This task is for the person who's organising the shower. If it's a surprise for the mom-to-be make sure all of the invited guests will be already at the place when she'll arrive. Make a proper schedule from the time people arrive until the hour you'll have to leave so you won't be rushing anyone to drink up or finish their cake because you have an activity planned, everything should be very chilled, relaxed and natural. 


Even though the mom-to-be won't enjoy the champagne on this occasion, you should always treat your guests the best way possible. I had my favourite Taittinger Prestige Rosé nicely chilled and the most delicious Millefeuille Infiniment Vanille from Pierre Herme made especially for this occasion. Whatever the mom-to-be loves the most is a great idea! 


The mom-to-be obviously knows all the invited guests but they might not know each other. I believe introduction is a fabulous way to break the ice that might sometimes appear at events like this as people don't know each other. Maybe ask the mom-to-be to introduce each of her guests with a few words, how they met, what they do in life, if they have already children. You never know, they might even become friends as they'll find something in common thanks to those few minutes of simple intro from you. 


The girls prepared some fabulous games and activities for me! 

I absolutely loved the idea of having a special playlist with only songs having the baby word in them, how fun is that! We even managed to dance (me 7 months pregnant in heels rather only swayed back and forth haha).

Make your own Photo Booth! Memories you'll have forever. It's easier then you think. All you need is a simple backdrop, maybe a solid blank color wall (white, black, yellow etc). Position the camera preferably on tripod, in the brightest place you can find (the balcony of the Hotel de Crillon was the best place imaginable). Don't forget props! I had the cutest paper baby props ever but you can also use clothes like hats, bags, costumes etc. It's all about having fun! Have someone pressing the camera button or use the remote control button. If this is all too complicated to organise you can always use Instant cameras just like many people do on their weddings.

If you don't know whether you're having a girl or a boy (or you're keeping it as a surprise), it could be a fun idea for the guests to guess the sex of your baby and maybe even the name, they can write down their thoughts, little messages on a distributed piece of paper for the mom-to-be to keep. It could be quite amusing to re-read them once the baby is born and who knows, maybe one of your friends will even get it right! 

The gifts for the baby (sometimes even for the mother) are a big part of the day and I absolutely loved the way the girls organised it for me. The first part was opening gifts from my guests which was a lot of fun as you get to sit down all together while sipping your champagne and eating all the pastries. The second part was a sort of a game (I absolutely loved). My guests had to answer questions my bestie prepared beforehand, and whether they answered correctly or not, I got a special gift (Mama wins it all!!! ahaha). The gifts were all packed in individual paper bags you can see in the first photo that says Baby Shower on them. I really loved this game (not only because all the gifts were for me, for the baby hahah), but we all got to learn something from the questions as they were all about pregnancy and motherhood.

I hope this was helpful at least a little bit and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave me a comment. Have a wonderful week everyone! xxx

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