Flying to see Granny

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Livia's first flight couldn't have been anywhere else in the world but to see her granny. At the age of four months and four days, we finally made it happen and the flight was a huge success. I was a bit nervous of course how we will handle everything, if Livia will feel comfortable on the plane and won't cry too much, whether she'll feel the cabin pressure or not. 

Here are my 5 tips when flying with a baby:

Try to be as relaxed as possible! Your baby can feel all your mood swings and staying calm will definitely help your little one to feel more comfortable in a new environment with lots of people around and constant cabin noise (announcements, other babies crying etc).

Find out what you can bring on board! We flew with Air France and were allowed to have water with us during check in at the airport. All liquids that are for your baby are allowed on the plane. Also one piece of hand luggage for your baby is free of charge as well as the stroller. All airlines have different rules so check this out before you fly. 

Talking about stroller! On the way to Slovakia we had to check in the stroller at the front desk and on our way back to France we were allowed to keep the stroller all the way to the plane (where they than put the stroller in the luggage area). However, when we landed in Paris our stroller was nowhere to be found and we were informed that we have to get it from the luggage area at the airpot hall. My point is, you'll probably end up having to hold your baby in your arms for quite some time so I'd highly recommend a baby carrier to always have with you! We love our Stokke carrier and luckily had it with us! 

Feed your baby during take-off and landing! The cabin pressure can be quite challenging for babies so the best you can do is to nurse your little one exactly during ascent and descent (breast or bottle). Chewing or sucking on something (bottle, pacifier) would also do as the swallowing helps to keep their ears open. As soon as the cabin crew announced the descent I started to breastfeed Livia, it all worked just fine for us. 

Bring entertainment and comfy clothes! Depending on how long your flight will last, it's always a good idea to have some toys with you, no matter the age of your baby. Preferably those ones that don't make any or too much noise (you don't need nasty looks from the people around). Comfy clothes for both of you, not too many layers of clothes as it can get quite hot at times and your body is also adding more heath. Blanket however is a must so your baby can sleep on you comfortably and you can cover him/her in case it gets too cold. 

I hope these few point were a bit helpful and I wish you a good luck for your first flight, whenever that might be! xxx

Livia is wearing the dreamiest silk dress from Tartine & Chocolat and the personalised ballon is from Petit Picotin 

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