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I seriously think that these super cute and absolutely quality-amazing nappies deserve a few photos haha. If you'd ask me what my favourite design is, I honestly wouldn't be able to just choose one. They're all so cute and such perfect fit for certain occasions. For the moment, it would have to be the whale or navy ones as we're currently on our way to a little vacation and I've ordered them on purpose, simply to match our location :)

But let's talk seriously for a moment. The Joone nappies are made 100% in France, are eco friendly and super absorbent. I made the mistake of not taking any Joone nappies for my latest trip to Slovakia thinking that for such short time I'll just buy another brand I'll find in the supermarket but oh boy! I couldn't be more wrong. I missed the quality I was so used for Livia and the "un-plasticky" nappy feeling. I won't make the same mistake again and packed enough for the trip. They also do wipes and liniment (which is a mix of oil and water - something I've only discovered in France as in other countries the more common products used for baby bottoms are creams like Sudocrem etc). We use the Joone liniment for Livia and wipes only for changing outside as I still prefer to basically clean her bottom with a simple cotton pad and warm water - after I use the liniment. She hasn't had any sort of rush yet! 

There's so much choice on the market when it comes to nappies and we're extremely happy with using Joone and if anyone would ask me,  I'd highly recommend the brand! 

Have a wonderful week everyone and don't forget to follow me on Instagram to find out where we're going to spent the next family holiday. xxx

Joone Joone Joone

You can find all the designs and other products from the brand on their website

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