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It's that time of the year again called Haute Couture but this one is my favourite, just before summer holidays. I don't get to spent much time with my little family during fashion week so hubby and I decided to enjoy a nice day out, only the three of us, before the crazy week begins.

It's been ages since the last time I went to the ZOO so it seemed like a great idea to visit the Parc Zoologique de Paris. We've had a blast! and it felt so great to get out of the usual city life even for a little while.

We took this little family getaway as the best opportunity to finally try our brand new pram from the Baby Jogger brand called City Tour Lux. I was looking for a pram that would get my life a bit easier for ages. We currently live on the fifth floor without a lift and have no other chance but carry everything to the apartment, including the pram. My life just got an upgrade!  No, they didn't install a lift in our building, but I am able to fold my Baby Jogger pram in about 10 seconds thanks to its ultra-compact, one-hand fold featuring an auto-lock and carry strap... BINGO! 

I'm pretty much digging the colour too, the flip flop hand brake is genius! right at my reach (which is something I really appreciate) and one of the other things I love about the City Tour Lux is that Livia can be either facing me or facing forward (I'm pretty sure she'll appreciate this feature so much in a couple of months time haha).

As Livia is already 6 months old, we didn't need the baby carrycot but there's of course one available if you're looking for a pram for a child from birth to 9kg. 

The fantastic new is, that you have until July 15th to get €100 from Baby-Jogger by purchasing this fabulous City Tour Lux pram, so if you are looking for one, don't miss this opportunity! You can find all the information and few more details regarding the features of the pram on their website 

I hope you'll enjoy these few photos I snapped during our day out at the ZOO and I wish you all a great sunny (and hot) week from Paris. xxx

PS. If you do purchase one, please don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts about it! :)

Baby Jogger Baby Jogger Baby Jogger Baby Jogger Baby Jogger Baby Jogger

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  1. I really like your blog! I got inspired for my next trip in France with my family!