Livia's wardrobe #1

by - 09:50

When 95% of my followers on Instagram answered yes for being interested to see what kind of clothes I get for Livia, I thought it could also be a fun new category for my blog. I'm not sure how often I'll manage to photograph her outfits (and I'll be certainly posting much more on my Instagram page), but to start with, here is a little story from our last picnic this year in jardin des Tuileries. The summer is over and in terms of Livia's clothes, I'm super excited about Autumn. She has the most incredible wardrobe prepared for the season and I can't wait for you to see some pieces too,  I hope you'll all love it.  xxx

Full Catimini look: sleepless faux fur vest coathatdresstights 

Livia in Catimini Livia in Catimini Livia in Catimini

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