10 ans de la City Mini

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Happy 10th Birthday City Mini!!! We're delighted to celebrate this occasion with you and are so happy to have you in Livia's life! Getting a stroller is quite a task and every parent has his/hers own idea of what a perfect stroller for their most precious one should look like. We love the Baby Jogger strollers for many reasons but most importantly it's the folding. As I have mentioned so many times, we're very much stuck in a situation where we have to take the stroller up and down the stairs every single time we want to leave the house (fifth floor no lift situation) and with a baby in one hand (plus changing bag, handbag and that's pretty much all one person can carry at one time), a quick one-hand fold is a lifesaver !!!

I hope you'll enjoy our little video from a walk around our old neighbourhood and if you pay enough attention you'll see just how easily the City Mini folds! It has many other fabulous features like the UV 50+canopy, peek-a-booh windows, reclining seat etc. 

Oh! And before I forget, Baby Jogger is now giving a chance to win a family holiday worth €5000, plus a family day out to be won each week for anyone who purchases any stroller from the City Mini range!!! If you're thinking of getting one, now is probably the best time :)

You can find all the info right here: 

I wish you all a wonderful week and if you have any questions regarding the stroller, don't hesitate to ask! xxx

In collaboration with Baby Jogger 

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  1. Merci pour l’article – c’est intéressant.
    J’ai trouvé plus d’info ici https://enfantparfait.com/guide/sorties/poussettes-de-jogging/