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La Poule au pot, by Hana Le Van Cedric Grolet, by Hana Le Van

I'm happy to be blogging again because I finally find the time to write about things I enjoy and don't feel forced or stressed about it. As always, it will be rather less words and more photos illustrating each blog entry, just the way I like it. I myself am lazy to read more then two paragraphs and prefer looking at photos, but everyone is different and it also very much depends on the type of article I'm reading.

This one will be about a few of my new & old favourite places to eat in Paris. Something I get asked on a daily basis over on my Instagram account. I hope you'll find them useful and don't hesitate to let me know if you go to any of these and what experience you've had. xxx

Café Kitsuné - Ok, maybe not known for the food ( if I don't count the painfully expensive fox biscuits) but a good cup of flat white with an unbeatable location, Jardin du Palais Royal. As you probably know by now, it's my favourite garden in Paris and early mornings are the best time to visit (I gave a little interview about it to the LeFooding magazine which you can find here). The café opens at 10am only, so if you arrive earlier you can enjoy the nearly empty garden to yourself.

La Poule Au Pot - a new addition the the Jean-Francois Piège "family", forth restaurant to be precise and what a wonderful experience! It can't get any more french (frog legs and all that jazz hihihi). Piège's idea was to serve the same kind of food he used to eat when growing up in Valence, south-west of France. I loved the interior, never thought that pink would be so pleasant in a restaurant and the food of course was delicious! Try the Oeufs Mimosa for a starter and the Turbot poché with hollandaise sauce was excellent too!  We shared the vanilla ice-cream with caramelised pecan nuts and oh boy! I'm definitely going back for that.

Cedric Grolet pastry shop - the head pastry chef at Hotel Le Meurice has opened his own pastry shop and it's a must to visit. Cedric is famous for his fruit/vegetable looking pastries (more like pieces of art were you'll have to look veeeeery closely to realise that it's not an actual tomato you're looking at but a delicious sweet pastry!).
I will never forget that day when I was invited to choose the new pastry winer and therefore the next fruit Cedric was going to put on his menu in a very exclusive experience inside the Le Meurice kitchens. I wrote about it here if you'd like to read it again.
Cedric has become the world's best pastry chef for 2018 and rightfully so! Make sure to stop by his shop on 6 rue de Castiglione in the first arrondissement if you get the chance. 

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