La Mer

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La Mer
When La Mer contacted me to photograph a project for their new cream line (the moisturising cool Gel Cream)  I was jumping up and down with joy. Working for a brand I've been loving for so many years is like an approval of your hard work, it's like an A+ in an exam, someone is telling you that they like what you do and they want to work together. That's how I feel not only when photographing for huge brands but also when my "usual" clients come back season after season and want to continue working together. It's a fuel for me to continue doing what I'm doing and getting better each time (hopefully). 

The second time I jumped up and down was when I found out that the person I'd be photographing was my friend and a partner in so many extraordinary shoots we've done together throughout the years, Carin Olsson of @parisinfourmonths. It was a smooth, fun project I'd love to book more often haha but I guess that's how it is for everyone when they work with someone they share the same work values (shooting and re-shooting if needed until we get what we imagined/brainstormed about. The vision we want to deliver to the client). I hope you'll like these few shots from the campaign :)

Have a great day everyone! xxx

Client: La Mer / Model: Carin Olsson / Place: Hotel Le Meurice, Paris 

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