Livia's Wardrobe #2

by - 20:59

There are certain brands for children I've only gotten to know when moving to Paris and there are those I knew from before. I'm probably the last one from my girlfriends who had a baby this "late" (read, all my girlfriends I grew up with have already one or more children). Which only brings me to the explanation why I would know some baby brands already, I was the one buying them for them. Today, it's my little pleasure, to dress Livia into some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing I myself would dream of wearing. Tartine et Chocolat is one of my absolute favourite children's clothing brands and if you haven't yet stepped into their incredible world I urge you to do so, on your own risk I must add, because you might end up wanting to buy every single piece you'll find in the store.... it's that precious!

You can find Livia's pieces by clicking right here: Cardigan / Dress / Trench Coat is from last season 

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