Last minute Christmas ideas

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We've all been there, last minute Christmas shopping isn't ideal but can surely be done. Walking into a shopping mall full goods can however get super confusing and frustrating as at this time, every minute counts. The best would be to know exactly what you're going to buy, but if you have seriously no clue at this point, I might have a few ideas that could help.

* Book! Who doesn't like to read? Maybe an interesting biography or a novel? We give each other books every year for Christmas and books are also the only gift I wished for Livia's Birthday from friends. "A book is a gift you can open again and again."

*Coffee Machine! I'm a huge coffee drinker and a beautiful coffee machine would make me super happy if I didn't have one already :)

*Leather Gloves! For men and women, and maybe a nice scarf to it.

*A cashmere jumper! Such classic but classics are always a good idea

*Candles, Perfumes, Beauty products! probably only in those cases when you know exactly what the person loves.

*Sexi lingerie for her! Do I need to say more?

*Shoes! If you are confident enough to know the style and size.

*A watch for him & a bracelet for her! Or any jewelry really :)

I hope these few ideas will help a tiny bit if you find yourself in such last minute situation this year. And don't forget, the most important gift is to be there for one another.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone xxx

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