Livia's wardrobe #3

by - 15:24

A little throw-back to one Saturday afternoon with friends when we went to have lunch at Brasserie Polpo, a yummy restaurant situated on a boat with lots of sea food dishes - but not only. It was the perfect opportunity for me to finally dress Livia into her brand new "salopette" from Catimini. It's from their new collection called Escapade Lisboète, I'm totally in love with (you'll see a few more pieces from it as I went a bit crazy with my order). This is Livia's second salopette and I must say I find them super practical and fabulous for colder months as they cover the back perfectly and I feel like she's much more protected and warm. The first thing I'm now looking for when shopping for Livia are such pieces, even for summer, I just find them super-duper cute!  Have a great weekend everyone xxx

Salopette Catimini explore here 

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