Dubai part 2 Royal Mirage

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The other One&Only property in Dubai is the Royal Mirage hotel situated just a stone throw away from the Dubai Marina. It felt like we stepped into an oriental world, the entrance and lobby of the hotel were just mind blowing. We didn't quite realise at first just how huge the property was, until we went for a little walk and got lost between the different buildings and gardens. It makes for a wonderful walk let me tell you, 65 acres of land to be precise hihi.

The private beach was the place we spent the most of our time. Livia loved to run around in the sand, and I felt so happy to see her enjoying herself so much. When I looked at her laughing so hard my heart was beating like crazy. All I ever wanted long time before becoming a Mom was to be able to travel with my little family from a very small age, to let my child experience all the new smells, tastes, hear languages of a new country, something that always fascinated me. Today, I'm grateful I get the chance to fulfil that dream.

I'd highly recommend to have dinner at the Moroccan restaurant Tagine where I had my 36th birthday dinner. We felt like being transported to the heart of Marrakech, the dishes were fantastic and the live performance made the whole atmosphere unforgettable. 

We also enjoyed a lunch at the Drift beach club with our friends who came to stay with us for a day at the hotel. The only important thing is to know that the entry is from 16 years and older so we had to arrange a babysitter for Livia. The hotel has all the necessary services so we got a lovely lady to look after her while we had lunch. Quite frankly, it felt wonderful to be able to actually eat and talk for once, adults only. 

We've had an incredible stay and the time went by way too fast but we took many photos for an album I'm going to print out for Livia so we can look back at the photos and talk about her very first visit to the Middle East xxx 

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