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I've been asked this question so often, what French books is Livia reading? As I'm not French I felt that maybe I'm not the right person to give you all the best french book titles but I'm more then happy to share with you those that Livia's french family gave her so far. I also bought her a few books, mostly in English though, and I'll share those with you as well because she really loves them!

She's now over two years old (27 months) and is into books more then ever before. She's still very much enjoying the same books she loved when 13-14 months (sound books especially) because she now recognises the animals and loves to tell us their names or what they do - the cow gives milk, the chicken gives eggs etc.

I can say that music books and any sort of engaging books (opening doors, sliding pages, guessing what will happen on the next page etc) were the biggest hit from 0-2 years. She got interested in storybooks from the age of 2 and this is increasing every day, she also started reading books herself to her animal friends.
Books For bedtime we usually read a proper story book now (around 10 pages, pictures mostly) so it takes a bit longer then just a little sound book with a few pages and because she always wants the book the be red at least twice, this gives us proper quality time together with one or max two books instead of running back and forth to pick multiple books. What we also always do is to give her the option to take her book to bed and read alone to her animal friends in bed, she loves that and we enjoy listening to her story telling behind the door, it's the cutest thing in the world!

As you all know, we're a bilingual family, so my hubby only reads in French and I in Slovak. No matter what language the book is written in, we're practicing our imagination and storytelling too.

And one last little confession, we buy a book from every country we travel to as a little reminder of our family time together. If I travel alone for work, I love to bring a book to Livia from the country so we can talk about where mama has been.

I hope you'll enjoy this little list of Livia's favourite books, there's so much choice on the market and you truly can't go wrong with any book purchase, as long as your little one is enjoying the story! xxx
French books

Mes Petits Imagiers Sonores 
Mes chansons de France Vol. 1
Rock'n'roll Baby
La Ferme

T'choupi - stories of a little penguin at school
Les premières comptines

Mes Livres Sonores
Mes plus belles comptines et chansons francaises

Le bruits de la nuit - sound book about the noises in the night

Sèche tes larmes, Petit Lapin! - wonderful book about first "bobo"

Je Crois que j'ai vu un ours dans le bus! - hide and seek book (from 10 months)

Bébé Loup et les bébés animaux - hide and seek book (from 6 months)

Peppa Pig part en vacances - for those who travel a lot :) It's Livia's fav that reminds her of our trip to Mexico (even though Peppa went to Italy) hihi

Un voeu aux étoiles - our current favourite bed time story

English books

In my heart - a book of feelings

My New York - Livia loves this book, it's a very "busy" book but maybe that's the reason she likes it.

Rabbit's nap - lift the flap book
We also have from this edition Fox's Socks, Hide-and-Seek Pig

Dear Zoo - such classic !

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