Photo Albums

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When talking about books, there's one thing I can't forget, photo album books. Livia is at an age when she loves to look at herself in pictures or those of her friends and family. It's a wonderful way of keeping certain people in her mind that we might not be able to see everyday. I made an album from her second birthday party and she looks at it every day, telling us names of all her friends, what presents she got and how many ballons and cakes she had :) 

I love the Innocence albums as they're very different from the typical photo books you've seen on the market. They do "magazine" type of print and I love it so much! I always go for the La Revue format but for Livia's b'day album I made a mistake and ordered the La Petite Revue which ended up being the best thing as it was the perfect size for Livia's little hands. I haven't yet tried the other styles but have my eyes on Le Quotidien and Le Livret. xxx

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