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Potty Training always evoked lots of different feelings inside me, but mostly I was sort of afraid of it. Strangely enough, I was afraid that I, myself might fail. Maybe because I've heard stories about how difficult potty training was for so many and also a little bit of pressure I sometimes felt from my mom who'd ask if Livia was already potty trained and how she should be. In no way did I take it badly, I knew she only meant good, but I felt immediately pressured!

I wish I knew there was no need to be afraid :)

My husband and I believe that every child is different, and that's how we want to deal with every situation concerning Livia, whether we're talking about sleeping patterns, eating, playing or potty training ... every child acts at his/her own speed and we feel that our most important role is to guide Livia, without pressure!

In another words, we will not pressure her to do something she is not ready to do yet BUT we will guide her along the way (show, teach, explain), so she can be helped to achieve things in her own time.

I wrote down five points in hope that it might bring a bit of light into this subject in case you're going throw the same stage right now. Please just remember that every child is different and that because we want them to be potty trained it doesn't mean it's going to happen immediately. It might! But it might also take more time, you might stay at certain stages for much longer (for example transitioning from day dry to night dry could take weeks or months). Remember to be patient with your child and with yourself, it will happen eventually!


I brought the potty into the bathroom at around the age of 10 months. It might seem super early but I thought having this strange big object in Livia's sight from an early age will prevent her to be afraid of it later, when we will start using it. Until around her second birthday we used the potty only as an object for a play. We offered her to sit on it (fully dressed at this stage) and mostly she'd refuse. On the other hand she loved putting her stuffed animal friends on it. She understood what the potty was for and after her second birthday she'd finally want to sit on it herself, without doing anything for a few weeks. She was very interested in knowing when we go to the toilet and we didn't want to make this a secret! Because Livia is our first child there is only us two who could tell and show her that going to the toilet is a natural thing, it might be easier if you're training your second child and have the older sibling as a great example. Also, kindergarten is a great way of raising awareness as there might be already children that are potty trained and whenever we offered Livia  the potty we'd talk about her friends from creche, would you like to go to the toilet like Gustave? Having books at home that talk about potty or watching a cartoon about this topic is a great help to make them understand how normal going to the toilet is.


Originally, I was planning on potty training Livia this summer (I felt like I needed time to be properly focused and not to rush things so at around 2 1/2 years old). But with the current situation, Coronavirus forcing us to stay at home, I took it as the best opportunity to give it a try. I was able to concentrate on Livia while she was happy and relaxed and had a regular routine.


Without further do, I simply took the nappy off one morning and we started. In complete lockdown, together 24/7 our whole focus was on Livia. We started with the day only and for naps and night we put the nappy back on.

I bought Livia her first underwear with Mini Mouse on them and it was truly the best thing! I'd ask her every day, which Mini shall we put on today, she loved it!

You can either have your little one with underwear on or completely naked, that's the whole point so they know there's no "security" of their nappy. That's the reason why I thought summer months would be the best.

We created a schedule, the nappy was off as soon as she woke up and I offered her to go on the potty. All I did was asking her if she'd like to go pee pee very often, very OFTEN! You'll know what to do once you start, if your child had a big glass of water, naturally he'll need to go to the toilet soon. We offered Livia to sit on the potty always before meals, always before nap times and always before  bath time! No pressure, soft, happy, fun voice and if she didn't want to go? That's absolutely ok! We're only guiding her not forcing her.

The first pee pee happened just before bath time and oh boy! we made a big deal about it! :) The first #2 happened so unexpected, she went to the potty alone and called me to show me how she did pee pee but it was the actual number 2 (at the beginning everything was called pee pee).


We had a few accidents, mostly when she was playing so focused that she didn't manage to run to the potty on time. I truly think those first small accidents are a good thing because it made her realise what being wet felt like and she certainly didn't like it! Upsy Daisy,  let's change those went panties for another Mini... that was it, we never showed any sort of disappointment not to mention anger!  We simply reminded ourselves to ask her a bit more often if she doesn't need to go to the toilet and the next few successes in the potty were rewarded with a slightly louder cheering  :)

Talking about rewards, the only reward was ALWYAS (even now!) a huge smile, applauding and Livia being able to splash the toilet herself after we emptied the inside of the potty into the big toilet, followed by washing hands! But the truth to be told,  if the situation didn't go so smoothly and fast I would most probably go for stickers as a reward.


She's been in her open big girls bed since before 2 years old and I wouldn't start the night potty training before this step, as the child needs an access to the potty 24/7 (we put the potty next to her bed every single nap/night, in case she'd want to use it).

After only one week of successful potty training during the day, I started noticing that Livia's nappy after her nap was dry. I knew this was a great sign and I waited one more week to finally try one nap without the nappy. Quite frankly, I didn't think things will go this fast, but she was ready as ever!

I wanted to make sure she understood that she's going to take a nap without the nappy and also wanted this decision to be hers as well as ours. Ahh Livia has no nappy, she's going to sleep without the nappy, is that ok? Would you like to put the nappy back on? The answer was always no, if she'd ask for the nappy we would respect that. No accidents, it went so smooth, stress-free!


I will repeat myself, but remember to stay calm and patient. There will be accidents but you'll be so proud of them and yourself once potty trained! As soon as the situation will allow us to go out, we're going to buy a toilet seat that goes on top of our toilet and a little stepstool, so she can reach the toilet alone. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! I'm very happy to help if I can. xxx

Id' highly recommend this potty by Baby Bjorn link here 
Livia was potty trained at the age of 27 months
Nappies by Joone

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