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It looks like this summer we'll be all stuck in France and quite frankly, how lucky are we??? I LOVE France and traveled quite a lot around since I moved here over 7 years ago. Today I'm starting a little series about a few of our absolute favourite places to visit with (or without) a baby. First up, Let's go to Champagne.

The Champagne region is a wonderful part of France, one that must be visited whether you like a glass of bubbly or not. Only 120km from Paris, around 2 hours ride by car or an easy train connection, you'll find yourself in Champillon, north of Epernay, surrounded by vineyards. 

This isn't going to be a Champagne guide, but if that's something you're interested in, make sure to read about the Beginner's guide to this magical place over on Conde Nast Traveler

We visited the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa in February 2019 with Livia who was at that time just over 1 year old. February isn't the best time for vineyard strolls, but that wasn't our intention, we just simply wanted to escape the big city and get a few days of pure relax. 

We found everything we wished for. Excellent service, French gastronomy (one Michelin star Le Royal restaurant), large selection of Champagne (of course!), external or internal swimming pools, Spa with Biologique - Recherche treatments (absolutely recommend a booking), kid-friendly amenities - I was surprised to even find a diaper bin in our room!

The decor is breathtaking throughout the property, and one thing that really resonated with me was how everything was so spacious! You're going to love to sip a glass of champagne by the chimney, or inside your room (we stayed at the Joséphine suite). Whether you're looking for a romantic escape, educational discovery of this region or a family getaway, this place will certainly not disappoint! xxx

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