Weekend in the countryside

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When my brother-in-law suggested a weekend away in the (at that time) allowed 100km perimeter around Paris, we started immediately looking for a place to rent. It wasn't easy as many places were not available but we found a little gem after all! 
90km from Paris, literally in the middle of nowhere, we spend 4 beautiful days completely disconnected from the current situation, breathing fresh air, cooking, baking, barbecuing and most importantly for me, Livia had for the first time in nearly three months space to run around, she was able to be loud (as a two year old should be) and bathe in the warm sun. These few days were a blessing for us and made us realise that we have to start looking for a place for this summer. The vision of staying in our small Parisian appartement for the whole summer frightens me! 

As so many of you asked, I'm happy to share with you the place we rented. It's an actual gîte we found on this website. I usually look for an entire home offers but due to the situation, we were not able to find anything in such short time and perimeter. But nevertheless, this place was just perfect for those few days. We took the appartement called l'Etornière which had two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large kitchen area with commune area. Outside terrace, parking and a little green area for us to sunbathe. The owner was so welcoming, we were able to use the bbq, bicycles and the only thing missing was a pool haha 

When looking for a places in France, I always go to these websites:

* airbnb.fr
* homeaway.com
* gîtesdefrance.fr

We're currently looking for a property for this summer somewhere in the south-west coast of France. You can follow me on Instagram to see what we found once we do :) xxx

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