Puglia - Polignano a mare

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One thing we absolutely loved about Puglia was the fact that the distance between cities was for the most part only few minutes drive away. 8km from Monopoli, you find yourself in Polignano a Mare which I'd definitely recommend as a morning or afternoon trip. We much preferred the charm of Monopoli but seeing one of the most picturesque beaches, Cala Porto, from the cliff was worth the visit. 

The parking isn't expensive, if you park on the white lines it's free and also between 1-4pm it's free of charge. We had no problem finding parking throughout the whole trip. 

We started discovering the city with a deliciously cheap! cappuccino at Crema Caffee. Everyone told me to have lunch at Pescaria but unfortunately the place was closed during the hours we visited Polignano a Mare. Another restaurant you've probably heard of is Grotta Palazzese, hidden within an ancient cave! There's a special policy for dining with children so I'd call before making a reservation. Overall, check the opening times of restaurants you want to visit beforehand anywhere you go in Puglia - siesta timeeee is a real thing here :)

We really only walked around the cute little streets and enjoyed the views before we hit the road again for our next stop.  xxx

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